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“After expending my last 15 years studying “Hassidut” Judaism, being tutored by many teachers about Jewish history and having read the works of many critical scholars I came to the conclusion that the “Christian” Gospels do not support “Christian” theology. They are Jewish material (with all its implications) and have been wildly misinterpreted. Yeshua (a.k.a. Jesus) of Nazareth was a real historical figure, a Galilean Orthodox Jew, a teacher of Torah, who lived in the 1st Century Jewish world and Traditions. The Gospels depict him more Jewish than what people commonly believe or care to know. This essay, about how to properly interpret the Gospels was born as a compilation of answers for my community, as they were continuously exposed to unscholarly commentaries and the bias of anti-missionary mythicists.”

He will uplift the people and prove that His Word and His Torah are valid. – Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri